Glass Fusing

STEP 1: Pick a base glass color and size

We’ll show you how to use the tools to cut glass, and how to glue it to your base.


STEP 2: You design your glass project however you want

We’ll explain your fusing options, and you just tell us how you want it to be fused.

Tack Fuse: Lots of Texture

Full Fuse: Add a clear base and fuse it down smooth and flat

Slump Fuse: Shape into a bowl after it’s been full fused

STEP 3: We’ll Fuse it for you, however you want it!

then call you when it’s ready for pick it up.


Studio Sitting Fee + Cost of Piece

Sitting Fee: $5 (Ages 10-12)

Sitting Fee: $8 (Ages 13+)